Product review! Adovia Natural Face Moisturizer

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I received this product to review by Adovia and this is supposed to be a soothing and safe way for moisturizing your face. 20140918_001255

I was really excited because I haven’t found a good face cream that doesn’t break my face out terribly. Before if it said face cream I was all for it but I soon realized that the ingredients matter!! I read the ingredient list in this and was really amazed at how much was actually natural in this cream. I’ve been using it for awhile now and I have to say I love it. It doesn’t have a bad smell and it isn’t greasy and it doesn’t leave residue.


The jar was really pretty also and it may seem like a small amount but you honestly don’t need much to make a difference I use roughly the size of two peas when I apply it. Also it’s good under makeup and will help keep moisture in. 20140918_001327

I still have plenty left and when I run out I plan on buying more, but one problem with my skin is that every so often I have to switch out products because they stop working. Like when I had acne I used a certain store brought cream and it worked so well… until it didn’t and I had to change products. But so far I love this!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using <a href=”; rel=”nofollow”></a>. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Keomi Skincare exclusive PROMO CODE


Hi guys! I have some goodies for you! Here’s a promo code for Keomi Skincare that will let you get a discount off their soaps, which are all HANDMADE! I love their products they’re gentle on skin and have calming effects while/after using. Plus the soaps are gorgeous and great to set out during events or when you have guests over! But it’s so good I keep mine to myself 😉

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Heres the promo code to get a discount! 25P7X5OW

Here’s links to their products on amazon

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Did someone say GIVEAWAY?? + more!!

Big news! Im going to be posting a big review on a bunch of products that are all in the beauty area of things…. and now for the big surprise! Im going to be hosting a giveaway! Filled with makeup and other beauty products the date of the giveaway will be determined when I get at least 200 likes on this post! It will be filled with goodies I might even add some electronics along with the beauty products! It all depends on how many likes I get on this post! Thanks for reading :* have a great day!

Influenster Ebay badge!

I recently created an ebay guide on how to sell your Xbox on ebay which can be found here I’ve included videos for those who need to visually see what they’re doing. This guide was created for a contest that is going on in influenster. If you have any question please contact me! Influenster is a great program and I love that they’re teaming up with ebay because I buy A LOT of things from there. I also created a guide on how to sell your laptop which can be found at 

I included simple steps! So happy selling!

Fulcrum art gallery review!

Recently I was contacted and asked to do a review by I chose a painting from the African American art category, and it was beautiful!


Here is what the art looked like. I LOVE IT !
This painting is called Rejoice by Monica Stewart. The order was placed and I was sent a link that told me when the painting was going to be shipped out, it took about a week which may seem like a long time, but they transfer the art onto th canvas themselves so the wait was definitely worth the final outcome.  It was shipped by UPS and I received a track in number as soon as the painting was shipped out. I love their service and proficiency everything was smooth sailing. The painting came boxed and wrapped really protecting the canvas painting inside and there were no damages or anything that was out of place. On the website when you choose a painting you have the option of unstretched, museum wrap, gallery wrap, and framed canvas. I chose Gallery wrap and the total came to $100.19 which is very reasonable, the price may be changed now but they have a sale every week on different categories of art and deals like 50% that occur very often. There are so many different genres of art i wish I could buy it all! I definetly recommend buying art from here. Other than the processing time as soon as its shipped out it gets there very quickly. The painting is beautiful doesn’t have any weird smells like other paintings I’ve bought and the site is simple to use! I gifted this painting to my grandmother for her birthday and she loved it so much! Ill include a few more pictures of the painting which can be found at among other beautiful paintings!

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Influenster Surfs Up VoxBox

It’s summer time here and what better way to start off the summer than a VoxBox from Influenster?


This VoxBox is filled with summertime goodies! I’m most excited about the SinfulColors nail polish and it came in a nice yellow color, perfect for summer. Lets get into each product individually!


One of the things I received is this Hawaiian Tropical Silk Hydration After Sun, whew that’s a mouthful. Its not a sunscreen lotion it’s like something to put on your skin after you’ve been out in the hot sun all day and you feel a little dried up and crispy. It is a ribbon mixture of “ultra-moisturizing lotion with cooling Aloe gel…” sounds good to me 🙂 When you first put the mixture on its really cool, which does make it really good for a day in the hot sun. Another plus is that is smells heavenly!
The retail price for this is: $2.99 for 2oz (pictured above) and $8.99 for an 8oz


The next thing I received is this First Aid Shot Therapy. I still have yet to try this but I am very giddy with anticipation! I’ve always had trouble swallowing pills even now. I have to talk myself up to putting the pill in my mouth then when I do have the pill in my mouth with my drink of choice I have to talk myself up to swallowing it, which rarely ever happens successfully. If I could get every medicine in liquid form I would. So having a pain medicine I can drink is a plus. There’s a drink shot for stomach aches and pain (pictured above). It uses choline salicylate & caffeine instead of the usual ingredients found in pain relievers. I can’t wait to try it!
The retail price for this is $2.99


It seems like makeup is a recurring product in VoxBoxes! This COVERGIRL Bombshell Curvaceous by LashBlast Mascara is the next item I received in my VoxBox. There’s so many different types of mascara’s out there and they all do something different. This is a two-part mascara. The first side is supposed to volumize (is that a real word?) AND curl, the second part is supposed to intensify. Sounds good but maybe not so much for me, its hard to have mascara on and wear glasses at the same time. I’ll still give it a try or I might give it to a friend and see what she thinks!
This retails for $9.49-11.99



Now to my favorite item in the box! SinfulColors Professional Nail Polish in he color Firefly. This color is so cute and perfect for summer! I have so many design ideas for this color! I can’t wait to try it out I’m excited! This polish also has like a little shimmer in it which makes it even better! It’d even be perfect as a full manicure color!
This retails for $1.99


The last item I received is this coupon for a free Jamba Juice Smoothie Kit. I’ve never tried anything from Jamba Juice before because there’s not one in town, and when I’m out of town I don’t think hmm I want some Jamba Juice! It looks really tasty though! I can’t wait to try it!
This retails for $2.99-$3.49

Overall I really liked this VoxBox! All together it values at about $28 and I received it for free! All this through Influenster, if you want any information on how to sign up email me or comment below! Also a little news on upcoming posts! I’m reviewing a piece of art for Fulcrum Art Gallery and I’m so excited because the piece is beautiful! I just received it today! I also have a review coming for a few hair products from L`oréal Paris and Dark and Lovely Au Naturale! So excited!
Thanks for reading! xo♡ :*

Mary Kay Vox Box review!!












You could never guess the joy that shot through my veins when the mailman delivered this to my door! I was so anxious for this particular VoxBox! Everything I received is full sized! I was sent these products to review by Influenster, go check them out! 



This is what I was greeted with when I opened the box! It was at the top of the box, and not to mention this box is decorated beautifully! 




Here is what was inside the actual box, when I opened it I was kind of surprised to see so much stuff and none of it in sample sizes!


Here is the card I received telling me everything I received in the box, as you can see there is so much stuff!Image

I also received this Mary Kay magazine which had so many ideas featuring the products that I received!Image

First thing I pulled out of the box was this mascara valued at $15.00 ! It’s black and this is the Lash Love version, Mary Kay has other versions of mascara that provide volume and everything!Image

Next I received this Mineral Cheek Color and this is the Shy Blush valued at $12.00 I love it because it’s not too pink, it’s very subtle and natural!


This is the Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder valued at $16.00 it blends very very well and there’s a bunch in the container!




Next I received this NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss in the color Mango Tango valued at $14.00 it is so bright and opaque you really only need about one coat of this on your lips for it to pop! This color is PERFECT for the summer time. Image

I then received 3 different brushes a Cream Eye Color brush, a Concealer brush and this gel eye liner brush. The eye color brush and the concealer are valued at $10.00 each and the gel eye liner brush came in a package with a container of gel eye liner but the brush doesn’t have a specific price by itself. The bristles are so soft and gentle and the concealer brush blends so good I haven’t tried out the cream eye color brush yet! But I will soon!Image

This is the Mary Kay gel eyeliner and it came with the little brush in the picture above and together they’re valued at $18.00, gel eyeliner is a blessing on this earth because it’s so hard to try and not stab myself in the eye with the eyeliner pencil! It’s much easier to brush it on, which is why I love this eyeliner! Plus the brush extends so I’m not right in my eye!Image

This is the Mary Kay Cream Eye Color in the shade Apricot Twist valued at $14.00 it’s so pretty and has a natural look to it that just make you want to wear it all the time.


Lastly I received this Mary Kay Bronzing Powder valued at $18.00 and this is a very good shade because it nearly blends with my skin color, I don’t usually use bronzing powder but this is a very good quality. 


Overall I’m very impressed with this VoxBox the whole box is valued at over $100, and the products are high quality and I recommend them to others! 

A LONG needed update!

67031_727844070577340_971305524_n 999297_730460550315692_149736762_n 1044965_762803167081430_1110094566_n 1534285_805660089462404_2030247321_n 10301535_831888666839546_3498815166814600461_n 10336660_832622730099473_1591044893895652913_nSo! I haven’t updated this blog in what seems like forever! I’ve been so busy with school and taking up new projects it’s absolutely insane! I’ve been extremely busy with applying to Indiana Academy and I took my SAT on 5/12 specifically for this school and I receive my results in 2 weeks from the date, which I will then received the call telling me if I did or didn’t get into the school… the anticipation is KILLING me, clearly I am not one for delayed gratification. All this waiting, and the decision would be life changing which makes it even more intense, I keep imaging getting a letter in the mail saying “Dear Kaitlin, thank you for applying to our school but…” there’s ALWAYS a but! I will try to stay positive though and hope that whatever happens I am still taking the right steps for my future 🙂 But enough of that, and on to the fun stuff 😉 I’ve still been working on my nail art, though my stint with acrylic was short and somewhat sweet I want to pick it up again, I’ve “mastered” regular nail polish and gel polish now I want to move on to something bigger! A few of the pictures I’ll add to this post are some of the designs I’ve been doing since I haven’t been posting on here… But you’ll notice there’s very few 😥 sadly I took several breaks on doing my nails and any nails period because the stress levels have been through the roof, and I began doing my nails so often my nail bed started deteriorating, so that was my cue to go on leave for a short amount of time. I actually have a set of nails on right now that I’m absolutely in LOVE with and I will be adding pictures soon! There’s the update, on everything that has been going on with me! Also I will be posting a review on a vox box I received from Influenster and it’s all makeup! So stay tuned for that! Also it would be cool if you guys could vote on this poll, because I was debating whether or not I should make a youtube channel of my nail art tutorials, so I would truly appreciate that! Thank you for reading and have a GREAT week :*

– XO