The usual “My first blog post!” post.

First blog post, I guess I should come up with what I will post about! Maybe a preview of things I might post! This blog will contain nail art, cooking, my opinions on certain topics, my feelings and emotions, etc! I love nail art and anything nails and I ordered a BUNCH of items from Amazon so I might do a few reviews because I know how confusing and frustrating it is to look at reviews and have them range from “very good” to “the worst ever” ,  and the saying “you get what you pay for” comes into play with this. I ordered a BUNCH of rhinestones, some nail art brushes, some nail polishes, foils, striping tape, flocking powder galore, just a bunch of nail art things! I love cooking! I cook things from other cultures mostly and my favorite food overall is Mexican Food. So there will be some recipes! And upcoming is my birthday (Nov. 10) my packages and not to forget my People to People trip!! Which I am very excited about! I will update about this and everything else!


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