One of the most FRUSTRATING things!

So I’m looking for nail art supplies to buy on amazon and I must look at the reviews in order to really see what I’m getting. There’s a mix of bad and good ones, ones that don’t make sense, and some that just don’t deserve to be there. It’s frustrating because you have people saying its amazing and the best product then you have people saying its the worst product in the world and never buy it! Who do I believe!?! I’m thinking about making this blog into a review blog that buys stuff just to give honest reviews! Like gah! So frustrating. Buuuut on a good note 2 of my polishes I ordered off of Amazon came in! My Seche Vite top coat, which I have wanted for the longest amount of time, and a new matte top from China Glaze which is hands down the best matte top. I’ve experimented with them already and I’m testing them on 1. How long they stay on without chipping or peeling 2. How long the shine lasts/matte top lasts and any other problems! I will post a picture of my design including every polish I used, because I know I hate when I want to recreate a design but I don’t know what polishes the person used >.< . So a review on those thing they are AMAZING and the Seche Vite top coat really does dry pretty fast only thing is, you MUST put it on directly after you apply your pigmented polish, but don’t worry it won’t bleed or get into your brush! 


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