An amazing opportunity!!

An amazing opportunity!!

My name is Kaitlin Ward and I am a sophomore at Hoosier Academy in Lafayette, Indiana. I have been given the opportunity of a lifetime! I was selected to become a student ambassador on the European Heritage tour with People to People. A group of students will be traveling to England, Germany, Austria, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Switzerland. The trip lasts 20 days and is filled with a BUNCH of activities. Such as speaking with a member of parliament, touring the Cologne Cathedral, speaking with a WW11 survivor, and much more. So of course I’m very excited, but the trip costs $7,000 and in this economy and time in day my family is extremely tight on money and I really don’t want to let an opportunity like this pass me up. Touring with people to people will give me high school credits and is a great thing to put on college applications, 86% of students who travel with people to people get into their first college of choice, which for me is Harvard University because I want to major in medical research. This statistic is significantly higher than that of students who don’t travel with people to people, and I need my application to stand out. Not only does people to people help educationally but it helps to let students get a better understanding of the world and cultures outside of their own. Most people don’t get chances like these, and I am very grateful I was even considered. To make this experience become real I have been finding ways to raise $7,000 to pay my way and, asking local businesses and companies to donate to my cause, and really any donation would do. Please let me know if you have any questions, and you can find out more on or contact me via email- or telephone- 765-414-9900/765-543-0335 thank you.
Kaitlin L. Ward
You can donate here


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