Detail brushes from Amazon !

Detail brushes from Amazon !

I recently ordered these nail art brushes off of and they are amazing! They were only $2.20 and free shipping! Plus they came way earlier than they were supposed to, they were due on November 15! Hopefully my other stuff comes early too! The brushes are pretty sturdy, and they are good for design and clean up! I’m very happy with them. BUT there’s always the but, I got nail polish on the handle and I tried to wipe it off with acetone 😦 never again! It smeared the white paint on the brush, but not to bad. So don’t use acetone on the brush itself. I really do love them though, I did my El dia de los muertos nails with these brushes. Glad I have something to wipe the flocking powder off with now! Comment on this if you want the link to the seller of these brushes!


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