More nail stuff!

More nail stuff!

I received 5 more items today that I ordered off of Amazon, and they we’re all early! I am still expecting 5 more things soon. I ordered some gold metal slices of designs there’s 12 different designs, they’re all supposed to have 10 in them but they don’t the amount ranges from 7-9 (top left), I also ordered some metal crosses there’s 10 in the pack (top middle), I ordered some of these different shaped crystals they’re very pretty but there’s definitely not 1200 pieces (top right), I ordered a pack of micro beads and there’s very few, half of the jars aren’t even halfway full, but there’s 12 colors ( middle left) and lastly I ordered some pearls of different sizes and it seems like there’s very few definitely not 3,000 (bottom picture next to crosses) I will do a design with a few of these so stay tuned! If you want the sellers link then comment or contact me! Thanks!


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