Jolly VoxBox from Influenster!


My Jolly VoxBox arrived today and I couldn’t be more happier! I received 5 products to test out complimentary from Influenster! This box was $0, if you want to know more about influenster Sign up or comment below.


This is everything that came in this months VoxBox!


This was absolutely perfect because during these cold winter months I tend to catch A LOT of colds and some tissue irritates my nose but I loves Puff’s as a brand and I love that this tissue has Lotion in the sheets!


Next I received this Rimmel lip lacquer in the shade Celestial this color is a very light subtle pink but it still shows up it’s the perfect perk you can add to your lips if you’re going for the girly or natural look.


Next I received this creative Duck Tape it’s like cheetah print… or leopard print… I can never tell the difference! But I already love this duck tape it’s a Mini Duckling and you probably see this brand all over!


Next I received this Eye Shadow pallet from NYC it’s called the HD color trio eye shadow. And I received the Long Beach Sands colors which are all a brown shade. I love that it gave me kind of direction on the lid and it goes step by step. Highlighter, All over lid and crease. I will have fun with this 🙂


Last but definitely not least are these SkinnyCow treats! My favorite thing in the whole world! I’ve never tried this flavor but it looks delicious on the box! Each chocolate is 130 calories which isn’t that bad, for such a good taste. I love anything SkinnyCow so I believe I will enjoy these just as much.

That raps up my Jolly VoxBox ! For more in-depth reviews follow my twitter @kaitlinwardyeaa! and my instagram @asaappac !


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