Mary Kay Vox Box review!!












You could never guess the joy that shot through my veins when the mailman delivered this to my door! I was so anxious for this particular VoxBox! Everything I received is full sized! I was sent these products to review by Influenster, go check them out! 



This is what I was greeted with when I opened the box! It was at the top of the box, and not to mention this box is decorated beautifully! 




Here is what was inside the actual box, when I opened it I was kind of surprised to see so much stuff and none of it in sample sizes!


Here is the card I received telling me everything I received in the box, as you can see there is so much stuff!Image

I also received this Mary Kay magazine which had so many ideas featuring the products that I received!Image

First thing I pulled out of the box was this mascara valued at $15.00 ! It’s black and this is the Lash Love version, Mary Kay has other versions of mascara that provide volume and everything!Image

Next I received this Mineral Cheek Color and this is the Shy Blush valued at $12.00 I love it because it’s not too pink, it’s very subtle and natural!


This is the Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder valued at $16.00 it blends very very well and there’s a bunch in the container!




Next I received this NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss in the color Mango Tango valued at $14.00 it is so bright and opaque you really only need about one coat of this on your lips for it to pop! This color is PERFECT for the summer time. Image

I then received 3 different brushes a Cream Eye Color brush, a Concealer brush and this gel eye liner brush. The eye color brush and the concealer are valued at $10.00 each and the gel eye liner brush came in a package with a container of gel eye liner but the brush doesn’t have a specific price by itself. The bristles are so soft and gentle and the concealer brush blends so good I haven’t tried out the cream eye color brush yet! But I will soon!Image

This is the Mary Kay gel eyeliner and it came with the little brush in the picture above and together they’re valued at $18.00, gel eyeliner is a blessing on this earth because it’s so hard to try and not stab myself in the eye with the eyeliner pencil! It’s much easier to brush it on, which is why I love this eyeliner! Plus the brush extends so I’m not right in my eye!Image

This is the Mary Kay Cream Eye Color in the shade Apricot Twist valued at $14.00 it’s so pretty and has a natural look to it that just make you want to wear it all the time.


Lastly I received this Mary Kay Bronzing Powder valued at $18.00 and this is a very good shade because it nearly blends with my skin color, I don’t usually use bronzing powder but this is a very good quality. 


Overall I’m very impressed with this VoxBox the whole box is valued at over $100, and the products are high quality and I recommend them to others! 


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