Influenster Surfs Up VoxBox

It’s summer time here and what better way to start off the summer than a VoxBox from Influenster?


This VoxBox is filled with summertime goodies! I’m most excited about the SinfulColors nail polish and it came in a nice yellow color, perfect for summer. Lets get into each product individually!


One of the things I received is this Hawaiian Tropical Silk Hydration After Sun, whew that’s a mouthful. Its not a sunscreen lotion it’s like something to put on your skin after you’ve been out in the hot sun all day and you feel a little dried up and crispy. It is a ribbon mixture of “ultra-moisturizing lotion with cooling Aloe gel…” sounds good to me 🙂 When you first put the mixture on its really cool, which does make it really good for a day in the hot sun. Another plus is that is smells heavenly!
The retail price for this is: $2.99 for 2oz (pictured above) and $8.99 for an 8oz


The next thing I received is this First Aid Shot Therapy. I still have yet to try this but I am very giddy with anticipation! I’ve always had trouble swallowing pills even now. I have to talk myself up to putting the pill in my mouth then when I do have the pill in my mouth with my drink of choice I have to talk myself up to swallowing it, which rarely ever happens successfully. If I could get every medicine in liquid form I would. So having a pain medicine I can drink is a plus. There’s a drink shot for stomach aches and pain (pictured above). It uses choline salicylate & caffeine instead of the usual ingredients found in pain relievers. I can’t wait to try it!
The retail price for this is $2.99


It seems like makeup is a recurring product in VoxBoxes! This COVERGIRL Bombshell Curvaceous by LashBlast Mascara is the next item I received in my VoxBox. There’s so many different types of mascara’s out there and they all do something different. This is a two-part mascara. The first side is supposed to volumize (is that a real word?) AND curl, the second part is supposed to intensify. Sounds good but maybe not so much for me, its hard to have mascara on and wear glasses at the same time. I’ll still give it a try or I might give it to a friend and see what she thinks!
This retails for $9.49-11.99



Now to my favorite item in the box! SinfulColors Professional Nail Polish in he color Firefly. This color is so cute and perfect for summer! I have so many design ideas for this color! I can’t wait to try it out I’m excited! This polish also has like a little shimmer in it which makes it even better! It’d even be perfect as a full manicure color!
This retails for $1.99


The last item I received is this coupon for a free Jamba Juice Smoothie Kit. I’ve never tried anything from Jamba Juice before because there’s not one in town, and when I’m out of town I don’t think hmm I want some Jamba Juice! It looks really tasty though! I can’t wait to try it!
This retails for $2.99-$3.49

Overall I really liked this VoxBox! All together it values at about $28 and I received it for free! All this through Influenster, if you want any information on how to sign up email me or comment below! Also a little news on upcoming posts! I’m reviewing a piece of art for Fulcrum Art Gallery and I’m so excited because the piece is beautiful! I just received it today! I also have a review coming for a few hair products from L`oréal Paris and Dark and Lovely Au Naturale! So excited!
Thanks for reading! xo♡ :*


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