Fulcrum art gallery review!

Recently I was contacted and asked to do a review by http://www.fulcrumgallery.com. I chose a painting from the African American art category, and it was beautiful!


Here is what the art looked like. I LOVE IT !
This painting is called Rejoice by Monica Stewart. The order was placed and I was sent a link that told me when the painting was going to be shipped out, it took about a week which may seem like a long time, but they transfer the art onto th canvas themselves so the wait was definitely worth the final outcome.  It was shipped by UPS and I received a track in number as soon as the painting was shipped out. I love their service and proficiency everything was smooth sailing. The painting came boxed and wrapped really protecting the canvas painting inside and there were no damages or anything that was out of place. On the website when you choose a painting you have the option of unstretched, museum wrap, gallery wrap, and framed canvas. I chose Gallery wrap and the total came to $100.19 which is very reasonable, the price may be changed now but they have a sale every week on different categories of art and deals like 50% that occur very often. There are so many different genres of art i wish I could buy it all! I definetly recommend buying art from here. Other than the processing time as soon as its shipped out it gets there very quickly. The painting is beautiful doesn’t have any weird smells like other paintings I’ve bought and the site is simple to use! I gifted this painting to my grandmother for her birthday and she loved it so much! Ill include a few more pictures of the painting which can be found at http://www.fulcrumgallery.com/c7708/african-american-art.htm among other beautiful paintings!

Thanks for reading! If you have any other questions about fulcrum gallery you can check out their social sites http://www.facebook.com/fulcrumgallery








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