DIY Sand Nail

Here’s an easy DIY sand textured nail! It’s super easy and catches a lot of attention! What you need: All purpose flour 1. Choose any color polish, I chose Plastic Flamingo by Spoiled 2. Put a layer of polish and dump some flour on your nail to cover all the color. Press gently with your […]

The design I did with the top coats!

I used a spoiled color called 2 Weeks Sober and the Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac and some gold circular studs. On the accent fingers I used the matte top coat, and I used the Seche Vite on the index, middle, and pinky. I don’t know if you can see the shine and the matte that […]

One of the most FRUSTRATING things!

So I’m looking for nail art supplies to buy on amazon and I must look at the reviews in order to really see what I’m getting. There’s a mix of bad and good ones, ones that don’t make sense, and some that just don’t deserve to be there. It’s frustrating because you have people saying […]