Nail design for today!!

I did this nail design out of excitement, my mom got me tickets to the J. Cole concert this Friday as an early birthday present and I’m so excited! It’s a simple cheetah print, and Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet as the base color. I used some circular round studs on my other fingers. People keep […]

DIY Sand Nail

Here’s an easy DIY sand textured nail! It’s super easy and catches a lot of attention! What you need: All purpose flour 1. Choose any color polish, I chose Plastic Flamingo by Spoiled 2. Put a layer of polish and dump some flour on your nail to cover all the color. Press gently with your […]

Old design, but really pretty!

I used polishes from the Spoiled collection they’re 2 Weeks Sober (dark purple), Plastic Flamingo (hot pink), Trust Fund Baby (confetti glitter), and Daddy’s Credit Card (silver). I did this design when I first got the polishes, I love testing out my polishes as soon as I get them with as simple design. They stayed […]