A LONG needed update!

67031_727844070577340_971305524_n 999297_730460550315692_149736762_n 1044965_762803167081430_1110094566_n 1534285_805660089462404_2030247321_n 10301535_831888666839546_3498815166814600461_n 10336660_832622730099473_1591044893895652913_nSo! I haven’t updated this blog in what seems like forever! I’ve been so busy with school and taking up new projects it’s absolutely insane! I’ve been extremely busy with applying to Indiana Academy and I took my SAT on 5/12 specifically for this school and I receive my results in 2 weeks from the date, which I will then received the call telling me if I did or didn’t get into the school… the anticipation is KILLING me, clearly I am not one for delayed gratification. All this waiting, and the decision would be life changing which makes it even more intense, I keep imaging getting a letter in the mail saying “Dear Kaitlin, thank you for applying to our school but…” there’s ALWAYS a but! I will try to stay positive though and hope that whatever happens I am still taking the right steps for my future 🙂 But enough of that, and on to the fun stuff 😉 I’ve still been working on my nail art, though my stint with acrylic was short and somewhat sweet I want to pick it up again, I’ve “mastered” regular nail polish and gel polish now I want to move on to something bigger! A few of the pictures I’ll add to this post are some of the designs I’ve been doing since I haven’t been posting on here… But you’ll notice there’s very few 😥 sadly I took several breaks on doing my nails and any nails period because the stress levels have been through the roof, and I began doing my nails so often my nail bed started deteriorating, so that was my cue to go on leave for a short amount of time. I actually have a set of nails on right now that I’m absolutely in LOVE with and I will be adding pictures soon! There’s the update, on everything that has been going on with me! Also I will be posting a review on a vox box I received from Influenster and it’s all makeup! So stay tuned for that! Also it would be cool if you guys could vote on this poll, because I was debating whether or not I should make a youtube channel of my nail art tutorials, so I would truly appreciate that! Thank you for reading and have a GREAT week :*

– XO


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