A LONG needed update!

So! I haven’t updated this blog in what seems like forever! I’ve been so busy with school and taking up new projects it’s absolutely insane! I’ve been extremely busy with applying to Indiana Academy and I took my SAT on 5/12 specifically for this school and I receive my results in 2 weeks from the […]

More nail stuff!

I received 5 more items today that I ordered off of Amazon, and they we’re all early! I am still expecting 5 more things soon. I ordered some gold metal slices of designs there’s 12 different designs, they’re all supposed to have 10 in them but they don’t the amount ranges from 7-9 (top left), […]

Nail design for today!!

I did this nail design out of excitement, my mom got me tickets to the J. Cole concert this Friday as an early birthday present and I’m so excited! It’s a simple cheetah print, and Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet as the base color. I used some circular round studs on my other fingers. People keep […]

Old design, but really pretty!

I used polishes from the Spoiled collection they’re 2 Weeks Sober (dark purple), Plastic Flamingo (hot pink), Trust Fund Baby (confetti glitter), and Daddy’s Credit Card (silver). I did this design when I first got the polishes, I love testing out my polishes as soon as I get them with as simple design. They stayed […]