Keomi Skincare exclusive PROMO CODE

Hi guys! I have some goodies for you! Here’s a promo code for Keomi Skincare that will let you get a discount off their soaps, which are all HANDMADE! I love their products they’re gentle on skin and have calming effects while/after using. Plus the soaps are gorgeous and great to set out during events […]

More nail stuff!

I received 5 more items today that I ordered off of Amazon, and they we’re all early! I am still expecting 5 more things soon. I ordered some gold metal slices of designs there’s 12 different designs, they’re all supposed to have 10 in them but they don’t the amount ranges from 7-9 (top left), […]

El dia de los muertos nails!!!

Today is the last day of El dia day los muertos celebrations and I’m capping it off with a cool nail design. My detail brushes came in today!! And I did this design to fiddle with them! I will write a review, with a picture. I ordered them off of amazon and they are good! […]

One of the most FRUSTRATING things!

So I’m looking for nail art supplies to buy on amazon and I must look at the reviews in order to really see what I’m getting. There’s a mix of bad and good ones, ones that don’t make sense, and some that just don’t deserve to be there. It’s frustrating because you have people saying […]